‘Essential topics to help you have a fruitful ministry’

Keep in mind fruitfulness is sowing the seed, reaping the harvest and everything in between. ‘This is to my Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples.’ John 15:8.

During 50 years of ministry, God and others have taught me some principles for fruit bearing. I am now in the process of updating topics below, including the addition of personal illustrations and extra Scriptural references. My intention is to form an ebook. I keep words reasonably simple for those with English as an additional language.

Scriptural references are in NIV unless otherwise stated. There is no copyright on these articles and there is a PRINT link at the bottom of each article.

The living Word – Bible            Burnout                       Dark Secrets                 

Deliverance and demons         Forgiveness                 Fear           

Glory of God                              God is really good     Guidance                   

Intimidation and control         Isolation matters         Joy                                   

Marriage                                     Meditation                  Miracles                       

Most important thing

Movements and Institutions                                          Peace Maker   

Personal Prayer teams             Pornography                 Power of Praise                       

Reason and Revelation

Relationships                             Sabbath Rest                 Self – Care

Spiritual disciplines – Part 1.                                           Spiritual discipline – Part 2

Sexual Purity                            Spirit of division            Spiritual warfare         

Taking on offences                 Team Building                             

Technology                                 The Limp                       The radiant Church

Transitional / Intentional Ministry                                Wisdom

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