Investing in Vision – Contents

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1. General

Signs of a Healthy Church          Signs of a Healthy Pastor          The Pastor’s Spouse

The Sunday Worship Service          Developing Ministries

2. Pastoral

Moral Purity          Pastoral Care          Small Groups          Counselling

Handling Conflict          Church Discipline        Pastoral Visitation

3. Leadership

Staffing        The Call or Resignation          Retreats          Burnout          Cost of Pastoring

4. Special Events

Child Dedication          Baptism          Communion          Weddings          The Funeral

5. Outreach and Follow up

Missions        A Mission Policy          Church Planting          Evangelism          Discipleship

6. Ministry of the Holy Spirit

Baptism of Power          Divine Healing          Prophecy        Release from Bondages

7. Administration and Management

Church Government          Committees          Decision Making          Financial Giving

Emergency Fund          Time Management          The Church Newsletter

Arranging Camps


Minister’s Associations          The Sabbatical          Church Membership

A Model Constitution          A sample Prayer Calendar


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